Saturday, December 31, 2016

Welcome to our new Blog!

Welcome! April 5th 2017

Our new cabin called Blair Creek is coming along very nicely.  Soon the floor will be laid and then appliances will arrive and beds will be delivered.  Then I have the fun job of setting up house.  I love this part.  I try to think of everything you as the guest will need and want in the kitchen, living room and whole cabin for that matter.  We try our hardest to run clean and very well equipped cabins.  I can remember when our boys were young and we would go camping.  So much to remember to take along and sure enough something was always forgotten.  When you rent one of our vacation rentals I want it all or at least most of it to be there for you.  I want you to feel like it is your home away from home.  Feel free to give me ideas of things that you like to have in the kitchen or any room of the cabin. More to come later.  Jane

Blair Creek Cabin is almost finished.  This past weekend we went to check out the progress and did some work ourselves.  We had several friends go along.  I had a ladies weekend at Wild Asaph Cabin with our teacher Phoebe.  We did a bible study.  Three of the husbands went along and stayed at Asaph Run Cabin and did some work at Blair Creek.  Joe, Troy and Harold got a lot done as did us ladies after our bible study.

Everything is complete now except the back deck and the new roof which was a surprise.  There is always unexpected expenses but if at all possible you need to to things right when doing a project.  Always think of resale value and pray you get it all back plus some one day!!  We love the way it has all turned out.  There are always finishing touches to do.  Next we need to put curtains up and just do a real good cleaning through out the whole place.  Soon I will be able to have lots of pictures up for you all to see.  If you go to our face book page under PA Grand Canyon Wild Asaph Cabin Rentals you can see some "random" pictures.  Thanks.  We love to help you have a great vacation.


  1. Welcome to our blog. I am excited to start this and keep posts coming for you to see how our business started, what is old what is new... and what is coming. I will be posting information from hunters, fishermen and other guests that have stayed at our cabins and thier experiences. We will try to record all the wild life that has been seen during thier stay, places of interest that we and they would recommend. Improvements we plan to make and much more. Soooo stay tuned!

    1. Sounds like the kind of blog I'd like to follow! Happy New Year!

  2. We purchased our first cabin, and named it Wild Asaph (because it is in the Asaph Run Area and in the PA Wilds) in 2003, we signed papers on our youngest son's 18th birthday, January 30. This cabin needed a ton of work to say the least, but we got busy right away. Friends would often come up to help us and it really transformed within a year. It went from a 4 bedroom to a 5 bedroom in the year of 2011 when we added a new addition. Also, making the dining room much larger that now fits a huge Amish table. Put all new windows in, sprayed the foam insulation all along the bottom of the cabin, which I highly recommend. New flooring, new kitchen, new siding, new roof and so much more that it is hard remember it all. We started renting it out in the year of 2006. Never had done anything like this before but wow it took off. We did great the first year of renting and from there it inspired us to make it nicer for people to enjoy, which we did. One thing led to another. Backing up a little bit, when we first went to look at this cabin it was in the dead of winter, so there was no heat and it was run down and unattended for years so we were told. I remember taking our neighbor along with us to check it out. When we walked in it was a total mess, even found a dead weasel in the toilet. That freaked me out. One of the down stairs bedrooms had about a 4 foot wide space in the floor that you could see right to the ground so any animal could get in the cabin. But I still saw the potential. My neighbor said, "you could not pay me to buy this cabin". My husband was a bit concerned but was willing to take the risk. We went for it. We are happy we did. More to come.

  3. Just want to let everyone that is following this blog to know that we are running a special for the whole month of Feburary for our Asaph Run Cabin. You can rent this cabin for $159.00 per night any night of the week. No extra cost for weekends and no extra fees, such as trash and cleaning fees !! This is a great rate for your winter get away. This cabin sleeps 8 in beds. This does not include tax.

  4. I would like to tell you about our second cabin that we purchased in 2012. This was a blessing to us as our first cabin was doing so well and we started turning people down. So it was time to expand our business and take the plung for a second one. I found this one in October of 2012 when I had a ladies weekend at our 5 bedroom. We all took a walk and just around the corner I saw this property for sale. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get home and let my husband about it. Long story short we settled on it Dec. 31 2012. It was a rinky dink cabin inside. But had a nice 3.8 acres with it. Someone was living in it full time just one guy. It needed a complete renovation. We added a nice sun room / bedroom on the end. New kitchen that turned out beautiful, put new flooring and put board and batton on the outside for siding. Everyone seems to love this cabin. The previous owner said he had a lot of bear crossing through this property. (This property is surrounded by state game land.) The bear would come from across the road up the drive. This cabin has dish TV, internet service and it just plain cozy. This is a perfect cabin for 1 -2 couples or a family of 8. This cabin my husband named Asaph Run Cabin. It is only about a 10 minute walk from our 5 bedroom, Wild Asaph. Renting both is great for large groups. In fact that is one reason why we wanted it, they are so cose to each other. We had had men rent it for men's retreats etc. This cabin rented a lot by hunters and fisherman. We have a lot of return costumers at both. Also families rent this and love it due to the huge yard, nice fire pit and AWESOME dark skies for star gazing, which we have done. It's amazing. I hope you try it out sometime. Both of these cabins are 17 miles from Wellsboro. All of our rentals are clean and well equipped.

  5. In March of 2015 We purchased 158 Main Street. It was on my bucket list was to have a guest house in town along Main Street, with a lantern out front. I felt it would rent well and I was right. This house is in the historic part or town. I had my eye on it for the 2 years it was for sale. I spent time praying about this place and feel sure the Lord was in it. It is another gift. So many details that only He could have made happen. Down to the detail that it was located at the last lantern going west out of town, thus giving it the name, The Last Lantern Guest House. I think it is probably my favorite rental yet. It is great being in town and being able to walk to all shopping and places to eat. Plus there is the best little cafe 2 doors away. I say we are better then a B&B as you can get up any time you want and go practically next door for breakfast or bring it back to the guest house and eat out back on the deck. So I feel we have the best of both worlds... cabins in boonies or Main Street. We put a new deck out back which turned out beautiful! It is awesome sitting back there listening to the creek that runs through. We also remodeled the back porch which looks amazing. Put in some new windows so people don't always have to use AC. I love open windows to hear the birds and water. We did a lot of repainting inside and had the whole outside of the house repainted. I love the colors I picked out and have had a lot of compliments on it. Sometimes I ask myself why we do all this? Well, God's word says that whatever we do, do it all for the glory of God. So that is one reason. The others I guess are ....I love people and I love to help people have a great vacation. I love huge projects. I love challenges. I think investing in real estate is wise! We have a great reputation and that is due to the fact I have great ladies working for me. I know this is all a gift from the Lord and we are the managers and we are doing our best to treat people well and fair. I hope you are enjoying my blog so far. There is always more to come.

  6. January 13th 2017 guess what??? we purchased yet another property to rent out. This one was a nightmare to get. Lots of things happened that made this transaction much more difficult then the previous ones. But we made it, and we now have another huge project in front of us. We have not come up with a name yet so that will come later. It is 10 acres with a stream. Beautiful property that we are excited about. It is only 2 miles from our other 2 cabins in the mountains...nice! The cabin needs updating. The first thing we are doing is putting in a propane heater so we can go up this winter and start renovating it with heat in it. It has a huge fire place which we love, probably the best thing going for it right now. It needs some work done until it meets my standards. It will be awesome when we are finished. I am confident it will be another great rental for our guests. More to come....I will post photos on face book and our web page as soon as I can.

  7. Wow this winter has been a mild winter so far. Gotta say as I get older I am liking the warmer weather more and more. But a good snow storm in the Tioga mountains would be pretty cool about now especially for all those snowmobilers.
    We are moving forward with out new cabin. I am pretty excited to get the renovations started and make this "hunting camp" into a very nice cozy cabin that everyone will enjoy. With the 10 acres and a very nice creek going through the property it is sure to be another favorite. How many favorites can a person have? Not too many. If you want more info or would like to book this cabin we are planning to have it ready by memorial day weekend!! Stay tuned. More comments to come. Remember to to go for more info on all our vacation rentals.

  8. Wow time goes by fast. March 2, 2017

    Things are starting to pick up for this up coming 2017 season. I am pretty excited with anticipation to see how this season goes. I look forward to our return costumers calling and booking again. I also look forward to new people coming to our cabins for family vacations. One of the best parts of having this business is meeting new people. Well, actually we don't always meet them in person but none the less we make new friends along the way.

    Our new cabin on Blair Creek road is coming along nicely. Pretty excited about this one. Love the land and the streams going through the property. I have a feeling the grand kids are going to love this cabin. I was trying to come up with a unique name for it but it seems as though it is going to be called Blair Creek Cabin, why not? It is along Blair Creek Road, the creek is called Blair Creek.

    My husband and his friend started the demo on it a couple weeks ago. I went up last week to see the progress. I loved what I saw. It is gutted and all opened up. I love the open floor plan. The new bathroom was being installed. Love that. The existing bathroom was just too small. So now it will have 2 bathrooms with 2 showers and a tub. Perfect!

    My husband and I have been ripping apart pallets. We would like to do a pallet wall that surrounds the huge stone fire place. I think it will look amazing when finished. It was more of a job then I thought though tearing the pallets apart and staining them all. So I hope in the end we can look back and say it was worth it.

    The drive way is a muddy mess so that will be one of the next things we do. Put some good gravel in there to take care of the mud problem.

    Lord willing things will keep moving forward and this cabin will be another great investment and place for people to enjoy the out of doors. Everything is a gift from God.