Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10th.

Wow what a great season so far.  It did start out slow but sure has picked up.  Thank you God.  We are in full swing of this season of 2017.  Our new cabin Blair creek is taking off just as I hoped and felt it would.
We are planing to make a huge clearing in the back yard of Blair Creek for star gazers.  The night skies are amazing in Tioga county.

Although our business is booming we are having to think about retirement and down sizing. This is sad to me.  We are seriously thinking of selling Asaph Run Cabin. This cabin has been one of the best rentals for us.  So many people love it and call it their favorite. At the present time we have a young family vacationing there right now from Illinois for 5 weeks.  Wish I could vacation for 5 weeks. (-:

Wild Asaph our 5 bedroom, the one we call home as it was our first cabin and we have had it for 12 years, is doing well also. People are giving us great reviews. The best part is getting to know new people even if it is through phone calls or emails.

The Last Lantern Guest House is BOOMING. It is booked so much.  People love being in town as much as they do the mountains.  yes it is the older folks that love the guest house more then the younger ones.

All is well at Wild Asaph Cabin Rentals and we thank Jesus for it all.  After all it is all His.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Wild Asaph Cabin Rentals: Welcome to our new Blog!

Wild Asaph Cabin Rentals: Welcome to our new Blog!: Welcome! We hope you enjoy participating in our new blog.

Just got back from the mountains of Tioga County.  Had a great time.  Got A LOT of work done at the new cabin.  This is going to be a favorite cabin to many who stay there.

We are naming it, Blair Creek Cabin as it is along Blair Creek.  There are 2 creeks running through this property.

It is a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom cabin.  Will sleep 10 in beds.  Small bedrooms but nice size living dining and kitchen area, open floor plan.  Our carpenter is doing an awesome job renovating the whole place!   This is 10 acres, so hunters will have fun here as well.  But this will make a very nice vacation spot for many. It is only 13 miles from Wellsboro. I will soon have photos to share.  Thanks for reading. Go to www.wildasaph.com to see our other vacation rentals in the PA Grand Canyon area .

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Welcome to our new Blog!

Welcome! April 5th 2017

Our new cabin called Blair Creek is coming along very nicely.  Soon the floor will be laid and then appliances will arrive and beds will be delivered.  Then I have the fun job of setting up house.  I love this part.  I try to think of everything you as the guest will need and want in the kitchen, living room and whole cabin for that matter.  We try our hardest to run clean and very well equipped cabins.  I can remember when our boys were young and we would go camping.  So much to remember to take along and sure enough something was always forgotten.  When you rent one of our vacation rentals I want it all or at least most of it to be there for you.  I want you to feel like it is your home away from home.  Feel free to give me ideas of things that you like to have in the kitchen or any room of the cabin. More to come later.  Jane

Blair Creek Cabin is almost finished.  This past weekend we went to check out the progress and did some work ourselves.  We had several friends go along.  I had a ladies weekend at Wild Asaph Cabin with our teacher Phoebe.  We did a bible study.  Three of the husbands went along and stayed at Asaph Run Cabin and did some work at Blair Creek.  Joe, Troy and Harold got a lot done as did us ladies after our bible study.

Everything is complete now except the back deck and the new roof which was a surprise.  There is always unexpected expenses but if at all possible you need to to things right when doing a project.  Always think of resale value and pray you get it all back plus some one day!!  We love the way it has all turned out.  There are always finishing touches to do.  Next we need to put curtains up and just do a real good cleaning through out the whole place.  Soon I will be able to have lots of pictures up for you all to see.  If you go to our face book page under PA Grand Canyon Wild Asaph Cabin Rentals you can see some "random" pictures.  Thanks.  We love to help you have a great vacation.